NO-Andish Scientific research institute

No-andish Institute introduction


No-andish Institute introduction

Advanced scientific research and publishing center started its research in 2013 with the registration number 6339 of the company registration office located in Khorasan Razavi province, Mashhad city, with the collective effort of master’s and doctoral graduates in the field of research. This center is proud that with the collective efforts of its members, it has become the official and exclusive representative of several prestigious journals and has implemented more than 50 academic and non-academic research projects. Printing and indexing of nearly 4000 scientific research articles, cooperation and implementation of more than 20 national and international conferences and hosting of more than 20 training workshops are among other things of this center.

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Our Services

Services (NOANDISH Scientific research institute

Articles Submit and Edition

Publishing articles in scientific journals is the ultimate goal of researchers to conduct a research. Because without publishing the article, the most distinguished and outstanding discoveries will not have any value and credibility in the world of science.



Navandish Advanced Scientific Research and Publishing Center, the official representative of Mojak Publishing in Razavi Khorasan, announces its pride and readiness to provide publishing services.



In order to support its customers, Noandish's advanced scientific research and publishing center has provided the possibility of professional translation with 3 qualities in different languages. The experts in our team provide you with the best services.


Education Courses

Teaching and sharing science and knowledge is an important and obligatory matter in all ages.Training is a missing link in the chain of design, supervision, implementation, management, maintenance and repair. Now that in today's engineering realm, millions of standard codes and hundreds of pages of details and thousands of experiences have been published as law.



Maybe this question has arisen in your mind, what is a scholarship? In response, we must state that the meaning of the scholarship is a grant that is considered by the country of destination to continue your education in various levels of education.


Thesis and dissertation Editing

Specialized Farsi thesis editing services can be used for complete editing of bachelor's thesis, professional editing of master's thesis and specialized editing of doctoral thesis. If you have finished writing your proposal, seminar, thesis or dissertation and you request thesis editing


About Us (CASRP UK Institute)


Official representative of casrp UK

One of the other honors of this center is receiving the official and exclusive representative of the Center of Advance Scientific Research and Publications (CASRP) in Iran, the official member of American crossref with the exclusive Prefix number 10.18869, and the official and exclusive representative of the German GMJ Research Institute and the Georgian icir Research Institute in It is Iran.Other activities of this institution include providing the international CASRP certificate of England and GMJ of Germany with the ability to inquire online with the register code to the participants in conferences and educational workshops and the permission to hold national and international specialized training courses and providing equivalent specialized documents. and providing valid domestic and international certificates and book publishing license and related licenses.

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CASRP services

our services

Services (of CASRP Scientific Research Institute)

International Certificate

Introducing international queryable CASRP CERTIFICATE & GMJ CERTIFICATE services Navandish Research Center, the exclusive representative of UK CASRP and GMJ Institute in Iran, is proud and ready to provide international certificate with query capability and online register to participants in conferences and workshops. announces Scientific publications CASRP England and GMJ Germany with several years of experience in the international arena in the field of publishing scientific articles

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English Edit

Noandish Advanced Scientific Research and Publishing Center is one of the most reliable institutions active in the field of editing scientific texts and especially English articles for their publication in prestigious international ISI journals. This institution is proud that with more than twelve years of brilliant activity, it has taken an effective step in advancing the scientific goals of the country and has become the basis for the acceptance of countless Iranian articles in scientific and international journals.

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Plagiarism of research texts

iThenticat is a professional plagiarism detection service, currently supported and used by academic publishers and research groups around the world. so that it creates the necessary assurance of the originality of the article before publication by the journal. With the help of this database, it is possible to determine the exact percentage of plagiarism by providing complete documentation from the source that has been copied.

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English Text Editing (Grammarly)

One of the concerns when writing text in English is to follow grammar rules and write correct and accurate sentences. Especially if you want to write an essay in English, prepare for writing tests like IELTS and TOEFL, or publish a blog post, you can't always have someone by your side to point out mistakes and errors.

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Digital ID of scientific texts (DOI)

The digital identifier of documents is an international identifier for articles and digital content, which plays an important role in the standardization of scientific publications, indexing of publications, and valid scientometrics. By using DOI, a permanent ID is created for all Iranian articles, writing and inserting the source in the articles is done more accurately and counting the actual number of citations is provided.

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Digital ID of scientific texts ((Cross Mark)

One of the services offered by Cross Reference Institute is called Cross Mark. Cross mark is provided for documents such as articles, books, different parts of books, etc. By clicking on the Cross Mark logo, the researcher finds out whether a new version of that document has been published and whether there is an updated version of that document or not.

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Education Courses


Our Colleagues

Executive team

 hadi ghorbani
Noandish Institute Management
Islamic Azad University of Mashhad H: PhD in criminal law and criminology
 Dr. Nasrollah Moradi-kor
Manager of CASRP eng
Manager of CASRP eng
dr Mahdi Esmaeilzadeh
Director of Iran Scientific Research and Publication Center, srph
Manager of srph iran
 Sajjad moradi
Institute Psychologist
Clinical psychologist
 Mohammad javad ghorbani
Institute programmer
 Niloofar behzadian
Lawyer and legal counseling of institute
Legal adviser
 Zahra paksirat
Institute Researcher
Research feloow
 homa valipor
Türkiye institute Envoy
Turkiye - Ankara - hacettepe university
 marziye Hosseinpour
Institute Translator
enghlish teacher and content creater

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